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COVID-19 & Our Commitment to You

Last updated on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 3:38pm

Redzone will continue to operate with the same, consistent Covid-19 protocols throughout the month of April in support of our communities and safe measures.

If you have an appointment with Redzone and you're not feeling well, please be respectful, contact our office at 207.596.5700 so we can reschedule the appointment.

Our team is calling same day appointments to confirm the health and well being before dispatching service technicians - please do your best to keep in touch with us.  If we do NOT hear back from you, for the safety and well being of all, we will need to reschedule / cancel the appointment until contact is made.

Thank you

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Please note: In the unlikely event of a widespread outage where Redzone's own Internet backbone connection is down, phone lines may not be available as Redzone uses Voice over Internet technology for its phone system. If this happens, we will be posting on Facebook regularly with updates.