Redzone COVID-19 Services Message

April 3, 2020 — The State of Maine has classified Redzone Wireless as an essential services provider, and has encouraged the company to continue business & network operations during Maine’s Stay at Home Executive Order period.

In consideration of Redzone’s commitment to continue essential broadband telecommunications services to all customers, Redzone has taken the following actions to ensure employee and public health.

  1. Migrated all office-based employees to remote work from home operations
  2. Doubled core network total capacity at data centers
  3. Deployed AI-based bandwidth management software to maximize the user experience
  4. Enabled employee collaboration & video conferencing on Redzone’s network
  5. Maintained full tower & network infrastructure management and support
  6. Enhanced field technician safety protocols and health monitoring
  7. Implemented pre-Installation and field service customer health screening

Specifically, Redzone has implemented these additional operational safety procedures to ensure maximum social distancing and protect the safety of all our employees and customers.

Field Activity — Customer Operations associates call all appointments "same day" to confirm the client’s health and provide the client with expectations for their upcoming "house call" (Service Call or Installation). It is important for the client to know what precautions Redzone is taking as well as understand what "conditions" our technicians could be encountering. The following details are covered on this "pre appointment" call:

  • Confirm health and wellbeing of client and household:
    • If client reports "healthy" Redzone continues w/appointment
    • If client states isn't feeling well, Redzone cancels/reschedules min 2 weeks out (self quarantine phase) - no exceptions
    • If client does not answer or return our call - the appointment is postponed until further notice / subject to reschedule
  • Safe Distancing Discussion inside the property and explain Redzone expectations:
    • Technician will call upon arrival and ask client to prepare family / individuals inside for "in home" visit to promote safe social distancing for the safety of everyone involved
  • Technician will explain job type, predicted timing with focus on "predicted time inside"
    • Installation — 75% of the work is performed outside.
    • Service Call — likely needs to be inside property
    • Equipment Retrieval — 90% outside and limited exposure inside in most cases
For the Customer's Safety - Redzone takes the follow Precautions:
  • Essential Daily Equipment for field personnel now includes; masks, gloves, sanitizer / cleaner
  • Daily Temperature check before start of day - Field Technician reports in to leadership, and if temperature is above 99° technician will not work
  • Before "entering" or beginning job "onsite"
    • Call client / inform of arrival
    • Put on Mask
    • Put on gloves
    • Get necessary gear to perform Job
    • Redzone Technician will attempt to communicate from outside the residence, safe distancing to limit close contact/exposure
    • When job is complete - remove mask, wash hands, dispose of gloves, wipe down equipment as necessary based on experience/exposure
    • Redzone Field Technician reserves the right to cancel job if they are uncomfortable based on a variety of reasons

Redzone will provide regular updates here, as well as on our social media channels. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.