Say goodbye to Internet outages.

Gone are the days of worrying about the loss of your Internet connection. With Redzone's Internet Backup you can browse, stream, game, connect, and conference even during storms, power outages, and other service disruptions.

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No power? No problem.

The average power outage in Maine lasts over 14 hours*.  With Redzone's Internet Backup you'll have up to 24 hours of backup battery power, allowing you to stay connected online while your lights are out and your electric company is scrambling to restore your electricity.

Up to 24 Hours Battery Backup
Up to 24 Hours Battery Backup

* Standard battery backup is 8 hours. Upgradable to 24 hours. Outage data based on info collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration from 2015-2019.

It's automagic.

When your primary Internet service connection goes down, whether due to a network disruption or power outage, you are automatically switched to a backup LTE/5G connection. When your primary connection is restored, you are switched back. There’s nothing for you to do. It’s like magic.

Cradlepoint E100

Work smarter.

Your home office connection is crucial to your productivity. Whether it’s online meetings, connecting to the corporate VPN, or just being able to stay on top of email, Redzone's Internet Backup means you won’t lose productivity due to unexpected Internet outages.

We’ve got your back(up) even if you keep your current provider.

We understand you may have reasons for sticking with your current Internet provider. The good news is, you can enjoy Redzone Internet Backup service even if you’re not currently a Redzone customer.

However, if you choose to become a Redzone customer for your primary Internet service too, you’ll also get our Price Lock Guarantee, standard installation and setup included at no cost, and a primary service connection up to 250 Mbps.