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5-Year Price Lock. No contract required. Managed WiFi6 router included. Some exclusions apply.

Say goodbye to Internet outages.

Gone are the days of worrying about the loss of your Internet connection. With Redzone’s Internet Backup you can keep your business running even during storms, power outages, and other service disruptions.

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No power? No problem.

The average power outage in Maine lasts over 14 hours*.  With Redzone’s Internet Backup you’ll have up to 24 hours of backup battery power, allowing you to keep your business up and running while your electric company is scrambling to restore your power.

Up to 24 Hours Battery Backup
Up to 24 Hours Battery Backup

* Standard battery backup is 8 hours. Upgradable to 24 hours. Outage data based on info collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration from 2015-2019.

Uptime Guarantee

Redzone customers who add Redzone Internet Backup will receive our 99.97% Uptime Guarantee. If your primary and backup connections are down for more than 15 minutes in any given month, that month is on us.

It's automagic.

When your business’ primary Internet connection goes down, whether due to a network disruption or power outage, you are automatically switched to a backup LTE/5G connection. When your primary connection is restored, you are switched back. There’s nothing for you to do. It’s like magic.

Cradlepoint E100

Protect profits.

Your internet connection is crucial to your business’ sales and revenue.  Redzone’s Internet Backup means your POS hardware continues to function, your office network stays online, and your remote workers maintain productivity, even when your primary connection goes dark.

Day-1 Internet.

Rapidly deploy wireless broadband to get your business up and running on day 1. Wireless LTE/5G is great for new and temporary locations where wired broadband is not an option. Add a wired connection when it’s available, and convert your Day-1 Internet to Internet Backup for optimal reliability.

"Redzone's Day 1 Internet allows us to have immediate Internet access when arriving on-site to new jobs which could normally take up to 2 weeks to be established. It allows us to connect, download, and update all of our colleagues with crucial project information such as detailed engineering plans for our earthwork and landscape crews. It is great to be able to upload new plan information in real-time to our GPS units while working at our remote job sites. This solution allows us to upload new plan information into our high tech earthmoving equipment running on Trimble GPS systems. The best part of using this solution is we no longer need to return to our offices each day, as we can update our systems right in the field."

John Weeks, COO/CFO
Nelson Property Services, Portland, ME

No limits.

Unlike competing services, Redzone Internet Backup doesn’t limit the number or types of devices. We also don’t throttle the speeds available to connected devices. You’ll get a fast and reliable connection for all of your connected devices, from computers and phones to security cameras and POS hardware.

We’ve got your back(up) even if you keep your current provider.

We understand you may have reasons for sticking with your current Internet provider. The good news is, you can enjoy Redzone Internet Backup service even if you’re not currently a Redzone customer.

However, if you choose to become a Redzone customer for your primary Internet service too, you’ll also get our Price Lock and Uptime Guarantees, standard installation and setup included at no cost, and a primary service connection up to 250 Mbps.

Internet Backup
Redzone Internet
+ Internet Backup
Use Case Internet Backup Only
Keep your current Internet Service Provider
Complete Solution
Redzone primary connection + backup
Data Allowance

300 GB/mo

(Optional upgrade to unlimited backup data when 5G rolls out in late 2023)

Unlimited primary connection data.

300 GB/mo backup data.

(Optional upgrade to unlimited backup data when 5G rolls out in late 2023)

Speed Tier

Up to 25 Mbps 4G LTE backup

(Optional upgrade to 100 Mbps 5G when it rolls out in late 2023)

Up to 250 Mbps primary connection with up to 25 Mbps 4G LTE backup

(Optional upgrade to 100 Mbps 5G when it rolls out in late 2023)

99.97% Uptime Guarantee No Yes
Price Lock Guarantee No 5 Years
Hardware Cost
$350 $350
Installation & Setup
(on-site technician)
$150 Included
Monthly Service Cost $150 $300

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