Frequently Asked Questions


  • Redzone allows you to connect to the Internet at high speeds for less than most companies offering Cable, DSL, Mobile Phone Data plans or Satellite.
  • Redzone service requires no phone line or cable TV subscription for high speed Internet access.
  • Redzone requires no long-term contracts.
  • Redzone offers friendly local Maine customer service and technical support.
Redzone’s integrated Wi-Fi generally provides a reception area of up to 50 feet around the Redzone receiver. It is important to place your Redzone receiver/wireless router in a central location within your home of business, preferably near a window to maximize signal reception from our network, and connection to devices throughout your home.
The Redzone network is protected from unauthorized use and from malicious activity; however, Redzone does not police the Internet and cannot ensure your security while connected to the Internet. Protection of your computer system and files, whether you are accessing the Internet through Redzone, or any other wired, or wireless broadband, or dial-up service, is your responsibility. There are certain measures that you can take to ensure your privacy and security. Redzone highly recommends that you conduct all Internet-based transactions through secure socket (https://) connections and that you access your corporate network through a secure VPN. Virus protection, and spyware/adware protection services from a reputable provider are also recommended.
Yes, you can connect multiple computers to the Redzone Wireless bridge.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
Set-up is a one-time activation fee of $75 for all new customers.

Redzone supports your access to the Internet, and we also support the Redzone Wireless router provided to access our service. These support services are provided 100% free of charge and are 100% guaranteed for all Redzone active customers in good standing.

Support for desktop computers, notebooks, software applications or any other Wi-Fi enabled device should be provided by the manufacturers of those products. Redzone technical support will ensure that our Internet signal is reaching your home, and the operating performance of the wireless router.

Redzone provides customer access to complete online account tools which include new account activation, account profile changes, billing services, technical support requests, data usage, and/or changes to your wireless Internet service plan.


Monthly residential and business customers will need a computer with an active ethernet port; or other Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet and a standard electrical outlet.
You can connect to Redzone with any operating system, as long as you have an active ethernet port or Wi-Fi capability on your computer or device.
No, our system does not require a phone line or cable TV subscription. Your computer connects directly to our wireless bridge, which connects you to our wireless Internet network.

Internet Access

Affordable plan prices vary by area. To find the right plan for your data requirements and budget, visit our plans page. Set-up is an additional one-time activation fee of $50.
First check service availability at your specific address. If service is available, you can sign up immediately through the Redzone portal. If there is limited coverage in your area complete the provided survey request form during the signup process so we can arrange a remote or on-site survey to determine if service is available at your location.
Our coverage area is rapidly expanding. If you are currently outside of our area we would be happy to notify when service becomes available at your request. You will be presented with an opportunity to provide your contact information when you check pricing in your area.
All Redzone plans provide high speed broadband service. Multiple service plan speeds are available and vary by coverage area. View service plans and pricing in your specific area.
Yes, your corporate IT administrator can help you to configure a VPN to access your corporate network over the Redzone network.


What to expect over the next few days after your order:

  • Within 1 business day, a Redzone customer representative will confirm service at your specific address and determine your installation requirements. You will be contacted directly to complete the activation and set up of your account, and to schedule your installation appointment with a Redzone technician.
  • Redzone Wireless customer support can be reached 24/7 at 207-596-5700. You can also reach us anytime online via our support page.

Redzone recommends the Ubiquity Nanonstation2 client bridge to improve signal strength and maximize throughput and performance to your computer. Nanostation2 and mount (both are required) can be purchased from the following retailers:

Pasadena Networks

Configuration instructions to connect the Ubiquity Nanostation2 to the Redzone network can be found here.