About Redzone Wireless

Company Background

Redzone Wireless, LLC, located in Rockland Maine was established in 2014 to build a next generation fixed wireless broadband network within the state of Maine. Our statewide 4G LTE Advanced network, launched in June of 2015, operates on FCC licensed Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum. We introduced a multi-spectrum commercial and municipal wireless broadband network for Maine communities and businesses in 2016.

Since June of 2015, we have greatly expanded our coverage to over 100 Maine communities, covering 225,000 Maine households and more than 40,000 businesses across the state. We have deployed two powerful, state-of-the-art broadband networks in the state of Maine. Each new site we deploy incorporates both 4G LTE operating on Redzone’s FCC licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum, and the new 5 GHz technology, providing us with the capability to offer fast and affordable broadband services for any customer, business or residential.

4G LTE Advanced Broadband Network

How fixed 4G LTE wireless high-speed Internet works

Redzone is the only Fixed Wireless Internet provider to use 4G LTE Advanced in the state of Maine, and is committed to delivering all of the speed and benefits of LTE Advanced, as they become available, to Maine residents and businesses. We offer the most cutting-edge technology to Maine residents. 4G LTE Advanced plans are affordable, and provide enough speed and bandwidth for everyone in your household to stream music, movies and TV shows, to shop online and to stay connected with friends on multiple devices.

5GX Network

How Redzone's 5GX fixed wireless broadband network works

In January 2017, Redzone Wireless activated the first phase of its new ultrafast 5Gx fixed wireless broadband network in select areas in Maine. We will keep your staff productive with enough bandwidth to handle multiple connected devices for cloud-based applications, sharing large files, video conferencing, and more. If fast upload speeds are essential for your business, our 5Gx Max plan provides symmetrical 100 Mbps upload and download.

Custom Solutions

Custom Internet solutions for developers and multi-tenant locations

Redzone will tailor a custom solution to fit your needs and goals. We can work with developers and multi-tenant locations to create a fast, reliable, and robust network to handle anything from basic connectivity to high-traffic production environments. We have quickly become the preferred partner for managed Wi-Fi, large enterprise, residential developments, and municipal broadband.

Redzone is also a great addition to your existing connection. We understand that your Internet connection is paramount to successfully running your business, from communication to payment processing. With a business continuity failover solution from Redzone, when one service is down, your router will automatically and seamlessly switch over to the backup connection, ensuring your Internet service is always there when you need it.