Redzone Expands 500 Mbps Internet Service in Maine

Faster internet available now to more than 37,000 homes and businesses

ROCKLAND, MaineMarch 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Redzone Wireless, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of next generation fixed wireless internet service for Maine homes and businesses in PortlandSouth PortlandLewistonAuburn, and in Frankfort and neighboring communities. Redzone's new technology represents a 10x increase in speeds and a 15x increase in capacity from its previous system. Internet service with speeds up to 250 Mbps is immediately available to an estimated 37,191 locations and speeds up to 500 Mbps are immediately available to 15,436 locations in these communities because of Redzone's technology upgrade.

Consumers are making the switch to fixed wireless at an unprecedented rate, and Redzone provides them with an attractive FWA service option in Maine. It's all about consumer choice, says Redzone's CEO Jim McKenna, "fixed wireless is radically simple, it's low cost, and it has the speeds and capacity to allow people to do what they want with their internet connection. The beauty of Redzone's solution is its ability to wirelessly extend the high speeds of a wired fiber-optic network to homes and businesses, without the wire."

Fixed wireless is also a logical choice for consumers that want to increase the reliability of their internet connection without sacrificing performance. Wireless networks have backup power systems to keep the network running during storm-related power outages, whereas cable networks are wholly reliant on power from aging local electric grids to provide service.

Redzone's next generation fixed wireless network is powered by Tarana Wireless G1 Technology. Tarana's G1 enables Redzone to serve up to 1,000 customers from a single tower and achieve peak data rates up to 800 Mbps to an individual client.

Redzone's technology upgrades were made possible entirely through private investment. No taxpayer-funded grants were expended to effectuate these improvements.

Established by its founder and CEO Jim McKenna in 2006, Redzone is the only Maine-owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating in all 16 Maine counties, and it has the highest Google Review score of any ISP operating statewide in Maine. Households and businesses can learn more and sign up for Internet and TV service at


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