Redzone Expands Broadband Service in Boothbay Region

New Fixed Wireless Network Site Brings True Broadband to 1,250 Additional Boothbay Harbor Area Homes & Businesses

September 23, 2020 - Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-basedbroadband services company, announced the addition of a new fixed wireless broadband service site on Southport Island - bringing 25 Mbps broadband access to 1,250 new locations in Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, and Southport Island  The project, which began development in early summer, was fully completed in less than 90 days. 

Redzone’s new broadband site is located on Southport Island, and was originally designed to increase broadband speed and capacity to Squirrel Island, where Redzone combines wireless and fiber optic connectivity to provide broadband to the seasonal community of 100 residences.  

“In cooperation with the Southport Water District, we were also able to add an array of fixed wireless transmitters at the new site to serve the additional 1250 locations, ” said Jim McKenna, Redzone Wireless President. “This is our first site in the Boothbay region, and it enables us to provide improved broadband to an area where we have received hundreds of requests for service.  I commend our team for completing the project and delivering much needed broadband services in record time,” added McKenna.  

Recognizing cost among the primary factors limiting broadband access in Maine, Redzone is committed to providing the most affordable True 25 Mbps broadband service to as many Maine families as possible for $45 per month - at least 25% less than traditional wired alternatives.  Interested customers can quickly qualify their location for service at

“Redzone continues to address Maine’s broadband deficit, expanding access to  Maine's highest rated broadband service in more underserved coastal areas,” said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Executive Vice President. “Privately funded Maine broadband expansion project success stories like this demonstrate the essential role fixed wireless technology plays in closing the broadband gap in the shortest time frame.”

Redzone is Delivering the Broadband Performance Maine Families Need

Redzone’s 25 Mbps True Broadband service meets the United States guidelines for business and residential broadband speed as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC standard is supported by a Princeton and University of Chicago study published in August 2019 by the Wall Street Journal confirming that speeds of 25 Mbps exceed residential broadband requirements. 

 Redzone Fixed Wireless Technology is a Rural Broadband Game Changer

 Redzone is disrupting the conventional model for delivering broadband access via cable, wire or fiber by extending Maine’s existing fiber optic infrastructure wirelessly. Redzone uses powerful Gigabit “backhaul” radios to connect clusters of towers to individual fiber optic circuits, and delivers broadband services to homes via LTE and 5G technology transmitted on FCC-licensed 2.5 GHz midband spectrum. 

Redzone’s unique approach reduces broadband network capital costs by 90%, and accelerates the delivery timeframe to a few months versus the multiple years commonly required to complete comparable fiber-to-the-home networks.