5Gx Fixed Wireless Broadband Expanding to Dozens of Communities in Maine

Construction Completed for New Redzone Wireless Broadband Networks in Farmington, Dover-Foxcroft, Machias, and Calais, Narrowing Maine’s Digital Divide, with Plans for Significant Further Expansion in 2019

December 28, 2018 - Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-based broadband innovation and services company, announced that it has completed the construction of new wireless broadband networks for the communities of Farmington, Dover-Foxcroft, Machias and Calais which will serve 20,000 additional Maine homes.   

With this expansion, Redzone’s total Maine coverage now exceeds 270,000 households – representing 45% of all Maine homes.  Redzone’s 5Gxâ fixed wireless broadband network operates on multiple wireless spectrum bands including LTE on FCC licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum, and is considered one of the largest FCC licensed fixed wireless broadband deployments in the US.

The current expansion area selection was based on a large number of direct requests from residents and businesses in these markets.  The 4-community expansion was privately funded, and represents the completion of Redzone’s previously announced 2018 multi million-dollar expansion.

Redzone offers a range of broadband plan and price options – including the most popular among Maine cord cutters which delivers FCC recommended 25 Mbps download speeds and includes a 1 year Netflix subscription for $49 per month.

 “Redzone Wireless remains on the forefront of fixed wireless broadband network innovation, and we continuously advance the reliability, capacity and speed of our technology and network,” said Jim McKenna, President of Redzone Wireless. “Our 5Gxâ network delivers real broadband to underserved Maine communities. I congratulate our team for executing our ambitious 2018 plan to provide improved broadband access to tens of thousands of additional Maine families this year.” According to McKenna, “Redzone received requests for broadband service from over 35,000 Mainers in 2018 alone.” 

2019 Plans

Redzone is also announcing that it has secured an additional multi-million capital commitment to expand wireless broadband to more than 25 additional rural Maine communities in 2019, expecting total broadband service availability to exceed 320,000 Maine homes and businesses. A list naming the new towns will be publically announced in January.

“While completion of Redzone’s 2018 network expansion represents a significant accomplishment for Maine broadband connectivity, we recognize that too many Mainers are still without adequate broadband access in rural areas,” said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Executive Vice President. “While government efforts to subsidize broadband networks with public taxpayer funds appear to support technology solutions which lack economic feasibility, Redzone is actively solving the problem by increasingly delivering economically sustainable broadband access all across Maine. 

Redzone Wireless, LLC began offering broadband services in 2015, and now provides affordable access high speed Internet to over 270,000 Maine households across more than 75 communities.