Redzone Expands Broadband to 22 New Communities Bringing Access to 14,000 Homes & Businesses Across Maine

Fixed Wireless Broadband Sites Completed this Month in Alfred, Randolph, Naples, Norridgewock, North Anson, Skowhegan, Wells, Bath & Sanford

September 25, 2019 - Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-based broadband services company, announced that is has completed and activated 9 new fixed wireless broadband sites serving 22 Maine communities and over 14,000 new homes & businesses, primarily in rural locations during the month of September.  

The new sites provide connectivity which meet FCC and ConnectME broadband standards of 25/3 Mbps, and support video streaming on multiple devices, online gaming, distance learning, remote business applications, tele-health, video conferencing, and the full range of Internet applications typically used within a home or business.  

Redzone’s new network coverage extends broadband to portions of 22 total Maine communities including:

  1. Alfred
  2. Anson
  3. Arrowsic
  4. Bath
  5. Casco
  6. Cornville
  7. Farmingdale
  8. Gardiner
  9. Hallowell
  10. Madison
  11. Naples
  12. Norridgewock
  13. North Anson
  14. North Berwick
  15. Pittston
  16. Randolph
  17. Sanford
  18. Skowhegan
  19. Springdale
  20. Wells
  21. West Bath
  22. Woolwich

Redzone’s total Maine broadband coverage now reaches 315,000 households - more than 56% of all Maine homes.  The new fixed wireless broadband network operates on FCC licensed Mid-band wireless spectrum, and is considered one of the the largest FCC licensed fixed wireless broadband deployments in the US delivering 25 Mbps broadband speeds in rural areas.

“To the many Maine residents and businesses that now have affordable access to real broadband for the first time, we say thank you for your patience,” said Jim McKenna, Redzone President & CEO. “To those unserved Mainers that continue to await the level of broadband connectivity needed to participate in the digital economy, we say Redzone is coming and soon.  We have the resources & technology, and you have our commitment to cover the vast majority of locations everywhere in Maine,” added McKenna.

According to ConnectME, Maine’s publicly funded organization dedicated to improving broadband in the state, there are still nearly 80,000 locations here that lack access to 25 Mbps Broadband.

Redzone’s strategy is to reduce the amount of fiber infrastructure needed to deliver high speed wireless broadband, thus reducing both cost and time. Redzone technology allows fiber connected towers to be linked via powerful microwave radios to additional towers without fiber. So instead of running fiber to each tower site, Redzone is able deploy clusters of towers serving broadband to thousands of homes across a region from fewer fiber optic links.

This innovative approach reduces capital costs by 90%, and it accelerates the delivery timeframe such that service can be delivered in a few months versus the several years it would take to build a comparable fiber-to-the-home network.

“If Redzone can provide access to 315,000 locations in just 4 years with no public funding, there is significant opportunity to shift the focus in Maine from funding fiber-to-the-home projects to funding hybrid fiber/fixed wireless solutions,” said Michael Forcillo, Executive Vice President of Redzone Wireless. “In 2019 alone, Redzone delivered real broadband access to 22,000 new Maine locations without a single dollar of direct investment from taxpayers.”                                                      

Redzone offers a range of broadband plans and price options – including the most popular among Maine cord cutters providing FCC recommended 25 Mbps download speeds, with no contracts or installation fees. Complete service information and special offers are available at