Redzone Wireless and Maine Fiber Company Work Together to Expand Access to High-Speed Wireless Internet: Wireless Technology Plus Open Access to Robust Middle-Mile Fiber Helps Address Last Mile Challenges

(Portland and Rockland, Maine) – Portland-based Maine Fiber Company (MFC) and Rockland-based Redzone Wireless today announced an agreement that will allow more consumers and businesses to access high-speed Internet service across Maine. The Agreement allows Redzone to utilize MFC’s 1,150 mile fiber optic network to deliver high-speed wireless service and reach some of the most remote parts of the state.

“4G LTE fixed wireless is a cost-effective ‘last-mile’ solution that can be deployed relatively quickly where there is adequate fiber connectivity. This makes the Redzone model a valuable one for Maine,” said Jeff McCarthy, MFC’s vice president of business development. “We are pleased to provide our statewide fiber network to Redzone on an open access, expedited basis to help them achieve their goal of covering 90 percent of the businesses and people in Maine.”

In March of this year Redzone announced its intention to cover 90 percent of the state’s population with wireless Internet service. According to Michael Forcillo, Redzone’s vice president of sales and marketing, “MFC’s dark fiber network reaches into low population areas that Redzone intends to serve, and we are happy to have a local partner who shares our commitment to serving even the most underserved parts of Maine.”

Easy access to middle mile fiber is a critical for solving last mile service challenges:

The broadband industry and policymakers make a distinction between “last mile” and “middle mile” broadband infrastructure. “Last mile” broadband refers to the connections that come down each road and connect each home or business in a community. “Middle mile” broadband is more like the higher capacity, higher speed highway systems that connect communities and states.

This Redzone-Maine Fiber Company agreement demonstrates how open access to middle mile infrastructure – on a non-discriminatory basis, at reasonable prices, and without unnecessary delays – is a critical part of the infrastructure required to solve rural, last mile high-speed Internet service challenges.

“This partnership is a powerful example of why easy, fast and open-access to middle mile fiber infrastructure like Maine Fiber Company’s Three Ring Binder network is a critical factor if we are going to solve the rural, last mile challenge,” said MFC’s McCarthy. “We remain committed to making fiber available to any qualified provider who wants to expand service in Maine and are clearly seeing that increased competition benefits Maine consumers and Maine’s economy.”

About Maine Fiber Company, LLC Maine Fiber Company owns and operates an extensive high-capacity dark fiber network in the northeastern Unites States. The network is largely open-access middle-mile infrastructure and is available to all carriers and service providers on a non-discriminatory basis. Dark fiber products include Mileage Commitment Leasing, Regional Distribution Rings, and Direct Transit Routes. Carrier class ReGen and Fiber Distribution Sites are available at various locations on the network. For more information, go to or follow on Twitter (@MaineFiberCo) and Facebook.

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