Redzone Wireless, LLC Announces New $1M Municipal Broadband Funding Program to Improve Rural Maine Communities’ Internet Development Options

Maine’s Fastest Growing Fixed Wireless Internet Company Commits to Accelerating Public/Private Partnerships to Expand Broadband in Qualifying Rural Communities.

July 26, 2016 – Rockland, Maine.  Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-based Broadband provider, announced an innovative new funding program for rural municipalities seeking to increase high speed internet performance and service availability within their community, and has committed $1M in initial project funding for 2017.

Redzone’s “Fast for 5” program will provide 100% funded community wireless broadband systems, completely designed, constructed, and managed by Redzone Wireless, in exchange for the local community guaranteeing a minimum level of broadband services for a 5-year term.

The new program was developed to increase the efficiency and complement the existing ConnectME Authority Broadband Grant program, as well as other Federal & State program supporting rural broadband development.  Communities which apply and receive public grant funding may also qualify to participate in Redzone’s new broadband funding program.

“Communities across Maine have struggled to find a simple and efficient way to improve broadband service delivery in their area that is fast and affordable, while minimizing municipal financial risk,” said Jim McKenna, Redzone Wireless CEO.  “We believe that this innovative model for funding municipal projects represents the first economically viable pathway for many of these small and mid-sized towns to get better internet service in the near term.  Fixed wireless broadband can be installed in a few short months, and for a fraction of the cost of wireline alternatives.” said Mckenna

“High speed internet is an absolute necessity for Maine communities in the 21st century, connecting our students to information and our businesses to opportunity,” Senator King said. “And in order to bridge the digital divide and expand broadband access across Maine, we need to work together across all levels of government and in partnership with the private sector to harness our combined resources and abilities. With this promising announcement, Redzone is demonstrating a commitment to our rural broadband infrastructure, to our local communities, and to the future of Maine.”

"The ultimate goal is for businesses and citizens in Maine to have access to high speed broadband wherever they may be" says Dick Thompson, interim Chair of the ConnectME Authority. "Redzone continues to offer innovative solutions that serve that goal. Engaging and supporting municipalities is a sound investment that will further serve our rural population.”

“While Redzone has been primarily focused on building fixed wireless broadband networks across Maine through private investments, we have received dozens of requests for financial assistance in expanding high speed Internet access locally from rural Maine communities over the last 12 months,” said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Vice President.  “For many, this new $1M public/private funding program model represents a unique approach to addressing this long term economic development priority.”

Prospective municipal program applicants can request qualification information, terms and an application by visiting: