Redzone Wireless, LLC Activates its First High Speed Municipal Free WiFi Network in Midcoast Maine

Company-Funded Downtown Network Combines Performance up to 100 Mbps Along with a Dynamic Local Visitor Portal to Fuel Economic Growth.

February 9, 2016 – Camden, Maine.  Redzone Wireless, LLC, a leading Maine-based wireless Internet service provider (WISP), announced the launch of it’s first municipal Free public WiFi network today in Camden, Maine.  The local business-supported network covers the downtown business district including public parks, waterfront and harbor.

The WiFi network combines next generation high speed wireless broadband technology with speeds up to 100 Mbps, and a user portal featuring local community focused digital content, developed in partnership with midcoast media company, VStv.

The network provides downtown visitors with up to two (2) hours per day of Free access to 100 Mbps WiFi, and also offers affordable “pay as you go” daily, weekly, and monthly options for visitors requiring extended broadband access.

Redzone’s Free WiFi network in Camden is the first of it’s kind in Maine, and was developed through an innovative community collaboration that resulted in a high speed network built without public resources or funding, and completed in less than 5 months.

“Redzone’s mission is to provide breakthrough broadband solutions that support Maine’s residents, businesses, and visitors.  Our new high speed Free WiFi network represents a key milestone for the company and our state, said Jim McKenna, Redzone Wireless, LLC President. “We are confident that this innovative project represents an essential element in Maine’s new model for municipal broadband.  It was completed in record time, offers unmatched broadband performance, and was funded entirely through private investment,” added McKenna.

“The addition of the new public wi-fi system enhances the services Camden offers not only to visitors, but also to our downtown businesses, boaters, and anyone out enjoying our public spaces,” said Karen Brace, Camden’s Community Development Director. “Redzone is an important business neighbor and we’re grateful that they’ve funded this initiative. It’s a giant leap forward for Camden.”

The user portal, developed in partnership with VStv, provides visitors with a wide range of community resources including a guide to nearby activities - featuring places to see, stay, eat & shop, and includes local event information and weather in one convenient digital location.

“Redzone’s high-speed, high-capacity platform allows VStv to seamlessly stream its hyper-local video content,” said Reade Brower, co-owner of VStv, “and makes it possible to reach virtually anyone with a mobile device as soon as they arrive in town, either by car, bus, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, and even on foot. And the quality is no different than if someone were watching conventional cable television at home. Truly, this represents pioneering technology for Maine.”

“Redzone’s new Camden Free WiFi network represents a truly unique approach to expanding municipal broadband.  While numerous Maine communities are contemplating investing millions of taxpayer dollars for publically-owned internet services, Redzone is demonstrating that privately funded initiatives are a viable alternative,” said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Vice President.  “Based on the success of this initial project in Camden, Redzone intends to build Free WiFi networks in additional selected communities across Maine during 2016,” added Forcillo.