Redzone Wireless, LLC To Provide Wireless High Speed Internet Service on Breakthrough 4G LTE Advanced Broadband Network in Maine

Company will Offer Better Consumer Choices, and Improve Maine’s Broadband Technology Competitiveness

January 21, 2015 – Camden, Maine.  A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) has been formed in the mid-coast region to provide a new broadband service option for residential and business customers throughout the state of Maine.  Redzone Wireless, LLC will launch a high speed Internet network in 2015 based on 4G LTE Advanced wireless technology. 

Redzone’s network technology represents the most advanced form of 4G LTE, which was originally introduced in the United States by mobile phone service providers.  4G LTE Advanced technology has steadily evolved to handle higher data volume and faster speeds, and is now expected to become the primary wireless broadband connection for homes and businesses in Maine.  Redzone Wireless will begin network operations in the first quarter of 2015, and then expand coverage areas progressively throughout the year.

The company plans to establish its customer and network operations in Knox County, and will serve subscribers statewide with an affordable broadband connection alternative to other common Internet services.  Redzone Wireless’s 4G LTE Advanced network will offer numerous advantages over DSL or Cable Internet services.

“Extensive research and experience informs us that broadband customers in Maine want more choices for Internet service,” said Jim McKenna, Redzone Wireless President & CEO. “Customers request broadband service plans on a daily basis that do not require a phone line, cable TV subscription, equipment fees, or a long term contract. Redzone’s affordable and reliable broadband service represents the solution for these customers with plans starting at only $39 per month.” added McKenna. 

 Current national broadband tracking statistics indicate that Maine ranks 49th among all US states for Internet speed and access. “It is widely known that our state has struggled to stay competitive, and Maine’s low ranking for broadband connectivity severely limits economic growth opportunities for both residents and businesses.” explained Jim McKenna. “Redzone is uniquely positioned from a technology perspective to measurably improve Maine’s broadband competitiveness, in addition to providing the Internet service & features customers request most,” continued McKenna.

The company’s new website will launch in January and provide customers with direct access to coverage area maps, tools for setting up service or managing their account, and extensive company information.

Media Contact:

Michael L Forcillo

Vice President