About RedZone and our technology

RedZone was founded in 2005 to provide affordable high speed Internet service to residents and businesses in Maine. As of July 2013 our network extends from Portland to Mount Desert Island and services residents across more than 25 cities and towns. Our corporate vision is provide the fastest, and most reliable Internet service, with local service and support. RedZone does not require a service contract, and we do not require our customers to bundle other products and services in order have a fast, reliable Internet connection.

The RedZone network consists of a combination of proprietary wireless mesh, and standards based 802.11 technology from the worlds leading manufacturers of wireless broadband equipment. Our mesh networks provide community-wide scalability, with self-healing failover and redundancy, while the 802.11 networks provide high speed, low latency connections to the customer. WiFi is used for hotspot access, and provides a great way for tourists, and business travelers to connect for short time during their stay. Our full service offerings include Domain Names, Web Hosting, and SSL certificates. Business offerings include managed PBX, managed WiFi, and managed video. Our PBX product is the perfect phone system for businesses from 5 to 50 employees. It provides a broader feature set than hosted VOIP, at a fraction of the cost. Managed "RedCarpet" WiFi provides hassle free Internet access for guests at Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, and other venues. RedCarpet WiFi provides turnkey service and support, including support for guests that are connecting to the WiFi network. Our video solution provides an affordable means to monitor and protect your property. Our video systems are IP based, so you can monitor your investment from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, in addition to full time and motion record, alerts, and analytics.

Future plans include expansion of our high speed Internet service to new markets, and the availability of faster speeds for all customers. We are continually investing in new technology in order to provide our customers the best possible service at the best possible price.

Redzone Wireless, LLC
PO Box 435
Rockland, ME 04841

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